Spotlight On: Dorothea Nixon

Dorothea Nixon, Director of Prospect Family Support Center, credits her success to a strong support system growing up. Now, she’s trying to build that same support system for others. Nixon was born into a family of 5 on Long Island. They bounced from town to town, experiencing intermittent bouts of homelessness, but one thing remained

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Spotlight On: Shantie Chattergoon

Shantie Chattergoon, born and raised far from New York, uses her job as a receptionist to make sure that all feel at home in the Homes for the Homeless central office. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, in 1987 Chattergoon’s husband got a job that moved the couple and their children to

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Spotlight On: Carjah Dawkins-Hamilton

Carjah Dawkins-Hamilton, Senior Client Care Coordinator at HFH’s Williamsbridge Family Residence, never thought she would be a social worker when she was growing up. “In a lot of Caribbean families, you’re either a nurse, a teacher, that’s the kind of field you get into,” Dawkins-Hamilton­­––who was born in Jamaica––explains. “You don’t really get into social

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Spotlight On: Wesley Negron

Making Magic Happen, One Person at a Time Our Spotlight On: series takes a look at the people who keep HFH running. Today’s installment is on Wesley Negron, who brings a touch of magic to the residents at Saratoga. Negron is a 4-to-12 safety supervisor for the Public Safety Department at Saratoga. He

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