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Spotlight On: Veronica Cubano

“I want to show people the growth. I want people to know that it can happen for them,” said Veronica Cubano, Administrative Assistant at Williamsbridge Family Residence. “Just because you are a resident, doesn’t mean you can’t continue rising, as long as you have faith and don’t give up.” Veronica’s empathy

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Spotlight On: Tierra Gunther

“Non-profit work honestly found me,” said Tierra Gunther. “And we make a good pair. It felt very natural when I first started.” Partnerships Manager Tierra Gunther is known by her coworkers for constantly going the extra mile for HFH families. Her supervisor, Senior Director of Operations Annamaria Santoro, said Tierra has

2023-05-16T19:56:53-05:00October 5th, 2022|

Spotlight on Anthony Garcia: Serving Prospect with a Smile

Anthony Garcia is the kind of person who can make your day in a matter of moments. As a housekeeper at Prospect Family Residence, he has enjoyed developing his own efficient process of cleaning and forming bonds with fellow staff members. He has been with HFH for one year and was

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Spotlight On: Hilda Figueroa (Leer en español)

In her nearly three decades working in the housekeeping department, Hilda Figueroa has been known to light up any room she walks into at Saratoga Family Residence in Jamaica, Queens. It’s a quality that other staff at Saratoga have come to cherish, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, when many struggled to

2022-06-08T09:10:53-05:00June 7th, 2022|

Tyrone Squire: From Happy Camper to Dedicated Administrator

“Life changed for me when I started camp.” For Camp Administrator Tyrone Squire, camp has “always been in his heart.” Growing up in Fullerton, CA, he spent his summers at a Boy Scout camp off the coast of California. Since starting with HFH in 2015, Tyrone has translated his positive camp

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Spotlight on: Charima Thompson

Charima Thompson began her professional journey at HFH working at Prospect Family Residence in the safety department. After five years in safety—starting as a Safety Aide and then receiving a promotion to Safety Supervisor—she decided to chase her aspirations and apply to a position as a Housing Specialist at HFH’s newest

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Spotlight on: Carlos Santos

For nearly 15 years, Carlos Santos has been working his way up from part-time clerk to accounting manager at HFH. Yet, for much of his childhood, he had his sights laser-focused on a very different career path. “I was on track to be a musician,” said Santos, who attended a professional

2023-03-20T11:16:01-05:00March 28th, 2022|

Spotlight On: Heidy Mendez

When Heidy Mendez isn’t designing curricula, chaperoning field trips, or leading activities at Prospect Afterschool, she loves to go on road trips and spend time with her family. “Family time is one of my biggest priorities,” said Mendez. “I have a sister who’s away in school and a lot of cousins who are teenagers

2022-06-08T09:39:59-05:00July 6th, 2021|

Back to School 2020: Q&A with Celina Rodriguez

Celina Rodriguez has been Director of Family Services at Prospect Family Residence since 2017 and was recently promoted to Assistant Administrator of Prospect Family Residence. In the lead up to the 2020-2021 school year, Rodriguez and her staff have been providing educational guidance, in addition to housing, employment, and social services, to families with

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