“I want to show people the growth. I want people to know that it can happen for them,” said Veronica Cubano, Administrative Assistant at Williamsbridge Family Residence. “Just because you are a resident, doesn’t mean you can’t continue rising, as long as you have faith and don’t give up.”

Veronica’s empathy and encouragement are at the forefront of her work at Williamsbridge because she understands firsthand the experience of the parents who live there. Back in 1997 she was a resident herself, at HFH’s Saratoga Family Residence in Jamaica, Queens. That’s also where her employment journey with HFH began. After completing her GED through an onsite program offered at Saratoga, she was hired as a substitute teacher in Saratoga’s Daycare. Within a year she was promoted to a full-time assistant teacher.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Veronica took advantage of an opportunity to transfer to the Daycare at a new site that HFH opened in 2004 and she has been at Williamsbridge ever since. Continuing to advance in her career, she moved on to become a receptionist. While working full-time, she attended college—receiving her associate degree at TCI College and her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in medical administration at Metropolitan College of New York. When the administrative assistant role at Williamsbridge became available, she applied and was promoted again. In September 2024, she will celebrate 24 years with HFH.

“She is like the soul of Williamsbridge. She is the one to say ‘Mrs. Gomez, I think this would be perfect for this family or for this child,’” said Alfonsina Gomez, Administrator at Williamsbridge, who has worked with Veronica for eight years. “That empathy and the fact that she knows the families—even working in administration—and identifies their needs, that’s a plus.”

“[HFH] helped me go back to school. I didn’t have a high school diploma, and they helped me get my GED. They gave me an opportunity with the job, which got me to where I am at now,” said Veronica. “I enjoy my time here, I really do. Especially the growth and the moving on up that I have done—it makes me want to continue trying.”

As administrative assistant, Veronica juggles various responsibilities—from helping with the transition of residents in and out of shelter to coordinating with staff to ensure that residents have the essentials, including food pantry items and clothing. When she is needed, she happily steps into the Daycare to help out—a place she will always have a soft spot for.

Denise Baker, Assistant Teacher at Williamsbridge Daycare—who has worked with Veronica for more than a decade, described Veronica as a hard worker who speaks her mind and is committed to seeing things through. She is known for going above and beyond to make sure the needs of the residents are met.

“When she starts something—like helping somebody—she likes to finish it, and she makes sure that she is doing it correctly,” said Denise. “She has been a good coworker and friend as long as I have been here,” Denise added.

In addition to her attentiveness to her coworkers and the clients alike, Alfonsina notes Veronica’s enthusiasm for learning and taking on new tasks to add to her skill set.

“I see her growing with the company and growing within the position,” said Alfonsina. “She is always asking questions like ‘how do I do this?’ or ‘I still need to learn this.’”

On her days off,  Veronica enjoys spending time with her family—including her two sons and her 10-year-old granddaughter. She also loves to read a good book, especially a mystery by John Grisham.

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