Spotlight On: Michael Lewis

“It seemed like Saratoga was embedded in my heart. It was my fresh start,” said Michael Lewis, Porter at Saratoga Family Residence. “I left my past behind me.” Michael came to Saratoga through The Fortune Society—an organization that supports and assists individuals with successful reentry from incarceration. He began his career

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Spotlight On: Veronica Cubano

“I want to show people the growth. I want people to know that it can happen for them,” said Veronica Cubano, Administrative Assistant at Williamsbridge Family Residence. “Just because you are a resident, doesn’t mean you can’t continue rising, as long as you have faith and don’t give up.” Veronica’s empathy

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Spotlight On: Annette Delgado

Annette Delgado, Office Manager at HFH’s Central Office, is the person behind the scenes making sure that the office runs smoothly—and she does so while keeping her coworkers’ spirits high. John Greenwood, Executive Director of HFH, who has worked with Annette for 10 years said, “She knows so much about the

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Spotlight On: Elizabeth Castillo

“I always knew that I wanted to work with people,” said Elizabeth Castillo, Case Manager Supervisor of Family Services at Clinton Family Residence. “I [did] homeless outreach for about four years with my church and then with my family. I always knew I wanted to do something like that.” Elizabeth’s journey

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Spotlight On: Jason White

“If you love what you do, it'll show throughout your work performance,” said Jason White. This could not be more true for Allie’s Place Housekeeper Jason White, who is always willing to lend a helping hand and does so with a smile. “He is smiling all the time. He never has

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Spotlight On: Tierra Gunther

“Non-profit work honestly found me,” said Tierra Gunther. “And we make a good pair. It felt very natural when I first started.” Partnerships Manager Tierra Gunther is known by her coworkers for constantly going the extra mile for HFH families. Her supervisor, Senior Director of Operations Annamaria Santoro, said Tierra has

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Spotlight on Anthony Garcia: Serving Prospect with a Smile

Anthony Garcia is the kind of person who can make your day in a matter of moments. As a housekeeper at Prospect Family Residence, he has enjoyed developing his own efficient process of cleaning and forming bonds with fellow staff members. He has been with HFH for one year and was

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Spotlight on: Charima Thompson

Charima Thompson began her professional journey at HFH working at Prospect Family Residence in the safety department. After five years in safety—starting as a Safety Aide and then receiving a promotion to Safety Supervisor—she decided to chase her aspirations and apply to a position as a Housing Specialist at HFH’s newest

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Spring 2021 Snapshot of Resident Enrollment in Disability Programs

This Spring 2021 Snapshot takes a look at the HFH resident enrollment in disability programs. The federal Social Security Administration administers two disability programs: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). These programs provide resources to those who are unable to work due to a disability or to low-income parents caring for children living

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