Spring is in full swing and HFH Early Ed is staying active and sprouting young minds. Take a sneak peek at how our youngest learners are blossoming—from morning movement to hands-on learning about our earth’s ecosystem.

Prospect Early Ed has been kickstarting their mornings with energizing morning movement. The little ones stretch and dance to get their bodies moving and set the tone for a day of learning.

They have also been loving their free time at sensory stations! The kids have been fostering cognitive development and building fine motor skills exploring the elements at the water table and molding masterpieces with Play-Doh.

Saratoga Early Ed has been springing into action outdoors! The kiddos are soaking up the spring sunshine and exploring the blooming nature during their free time on the playground.

They recently dug into Earth Day with a hands-on activity—they made delicious ‘dirt’ cups using crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms. The class talked about the interconnectedness of nature and the importance of preserving the earth’s ecosystem!

Allie’s Place Early Ed has been mastering the art of Tai Chi with NY Enrichment Group. The weekly classes are a great way to stay active while promoting lifelong health and wellness habits through building strength, balance, and focus.

The young book worms have also been enjoying independent reading time, which they have dubbed “book buddies.” The kids are exploring their favorite stories while fostering a love for reading.

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