Biennial Review

Homes for the Homeless 2019 and 2020 Biennial Review

HFH provides families experiencing homelessness with more than just a place to sleep. Our four HFH Family Residences are located in the Bronx and Queens. Each offers on-site childcare, early education programming, after-school recreation, wrap-around social services, and employment training intended to ensure a holistic and community-oriented support system for our

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Homes for the Homeless 2013 and 2014 Biennial Review

Homes for the Homeless has assisted more than 47,000 families and 80,000 children by providing shelter, education on subjects from parenting to job-seeking skills, case management, child care, and health care services because we know that ending the cycle of family homelessness calls for more than a housing-only response. Our Early Childhood Education Centers

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