Afterschool students at Saratoga Family Residence tested out the trade of plumbing with a recent workshop, hosted by Tools & Tiaras, that portrayed how water filtration systems operate. Students learned the significance of the field of plumbing and the job security that can be gained by entering the trade.

The workshop focused on purifying water using gravels, sand, and active carbon.

Genevieve Appolon, Manager of Operation, Vision & Purpose at Tools & Tiaras, noted that the afterschool students worked together on the experiment and were fascinated “when they saw how we actually filter our water, and they expressed excitement in wanting to apply what they learned in their everyday life.”

The workshop that they completed in afterschool is not the only experiment that can be done with the clean water science kit; it can also be taken apart and used to disinfect water by utilizing solar power.

Tools & Tiaras mission is to inspire women to pursue non-traditional careers by igniting a curiosity in and passion for these fields at a young age. These careers include mechanical, industrial, technical, and trade fields—all male dominated industries.

“I want kids to walk away empowered, inspired, and confident that they’re capable of achieving anything they set their sights to,” said Appolon. “We believe that representation is paramount, and if our kids can see it, they can achieve it.”

All workshops are led by tradeswomen who are experts in the fields that they are representing. Tools & Tiaras workshops are made possible at HFH family residences through HFH’s long-time collaborator, KidCare.

KidCare has been working with HFH since it was founded in 2009 supporting academic, recreational, and career readiness programs through volunteering, mentoring, and in-kind and monetary donations.

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