Family homelessness is first and foremost a poverty issue that disproportionately affects children. Building upon the immediate need for providing basic shelter, Homes for the Homeless has enriched our services to provide wraparound support through community and other collaborations to ensure families are empowered and provided opportunities to achieve well-being and self-sufficiency.

Homes for the Homeless has adopted a family-based, child-centered, education-focused approach to its programming that aims to break the cycle of poverty, foster positive identities, and promote future success while allowing kids to grow, experience, and learn as kids do.

The mission of Homes for the Homeless is to help create lasting solutions for families experiencing homelessness through self-sufficiency planning, goal setting, and achievement. We strive to accomplish this mission by developing practical skills such as financial literacy and job readiness for parents while enriching the lives of children through educational programs, youth development, and fun recreational activities, all the while paving the path for families to move forward.

There are more homeless families in New York City than ever before. With nearly 12,000 homeless families, including 24,000 children living in the shelter system, and up to 100 new families applying for shelter through the city’s intake system each day, Homes for the Homeless continues to help families regain their independence while building their self-sufficiency skills to break the cycle of homelessness.

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