Allie’s Place Center for Culinary Education & Employment continues to expand its program offerings to better meet the needs of its students and the families residing at HFH family residences. The most recent addition is an Employment Workshop to further prepare adult students for entering the workforce. The four-hour class covers a multitude of topics from big picture—creating a career strategy and standing out in today’s job market—to the minutiae—tailoring resumes and using online job platforms targeted to the career that they are pursuing.

The interactive workshop includes activities like group evaluations of sample resumes, breakout sessions with mock interviews, and assistance with updating resumes.

Derrick Holman, Program Outreach Specialist at Allie’s Place and one of the workshop’s instructors, noted that the most useful part of the workshops is the collaboration between students.

“In all our employment activities—from mock interviews to resume evaluations to culinary demos—we encourage the students to work together and learn from each other,” Holman said. “Not only does this mirror the real-world culinary settings that they will eventually enter, where collaboration and teamwork is key, but it also gives them the opportunity to build a network of support amongst like-minded individuals.”

Classes occur two to three times each month, from 10am – 2pm, and are open to current and past students and graduates of the Culinary Center.

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