At HFH Family Residences, families and staff welcomed the beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving celebrations. These cheerful festivities are more than just gatherings with friends and loved over delicious food—they serve as a way to engage with HFH families and connect them with their community.

At Saratoga Family Residence, the kids in Afterschool enjoyed a dinner hosted by the Lions Club—a special annual tradition. After cheerfully chatting over the tasty meal, the kids participated in an action-packed round of musical chairs to work up an appetite for dessert—apple pie and cookies.

Saratoga Early Ed was filled with excitement as the little ones were joined by their parents for Thanksgiving wreath making and snacks—followed by a lively dance party.

The little turkeys in Prospect Early Ed celebrated with hand-crafted turkey art and a festive feast with friends—they shared lots of laughs over some delicious bites.

Allie’s Place Early Ed hosted a Friendsgiving lunch where parents were invited to share a meal with their little ones. A surprise visit from one parent added an extra sprinkle of excitement to the festivities.

The Culinary Team at Allie’s Place Center for Culinary Education & Employment whipped up a Thanksgiving spread to distribute to the families at Allie’s Place. Residents were excited to stop by and pick up prepared to-go bags with mac n’ cheese, turkey, buttery garlic green beans, homemade cranberry sauce, fresh baked rolls, and a sweet potato cheesecake pie.

The Afterschool kids at Allie’s Place gathered with their Gator friends for a Friendsgiving meal. The flavorful feast was the perfect setting for the kids to celebrate their gratitude for their pals while enjoying each others company.

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