Earlier this month, the educators at Saratoga Early Childhood Education Center conducted an egg-cellent science experiment with their youngest learners. The purpose of the experiment was to show that no matter what we look like on the outside, we are all the same on the inside.

The kids used the scientific method to conduct their experiment. First, they observed four eggs—two white and two brown—and noted the differences. They noticed that the two brown eggs were of different shades and one of the white eggs had a “pimple” on it. The kids then made predictions on what the inside of each egg looked like.

The little ones waited eagerly as each egg was broken open one by one. Only one egg remained and the suspense in the room grew. They wondered if it would look like the other three on the inside. The result: yes, it did!

After inspecting the inside of the shells and observing that they all looked alike as well, the class concluded that no matter what the outsides of the eggs looked like, they were all the same on the inside. This simple experiment held a valuable lesson and reinforced the importance of friendship and taking into consideration other people’s feelings.

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