The creative staff at Allie’s Place Family Residence hosted a book fair to promote reading and literacy among the residents. In anticipation of the school year ending, Afterschool Manager David Belmar and Daycare Helper Martha Munoz stepped up to ensure that families had access to an array of educational and recreational books throughout the summer.

After exploring the resources at Allie’s Place, Munoz pitched the idea of a book giveaway for Allie’s Place families in the form of a book fair; Belmar enthusiastically agreed. Using a combination of purchased and donated books, parents and children alike were able to choose from a wide range of genres and age groups in the books they selected. From fiction books like the Harry Potter series to dictionaries and cookbooks donated by Allie’s Place Center for Culinary Education and Employment, there was truly something for every resident.

Families absolutely “loved, loved, loved” the book fair, said Belmar—so much so that Allie’s Place hosted another book fair on June 21. Moving forward, he hopes to translate families’ enthusiasm for reading into hands-on events and activities.

“I think what we’re doing now is [a] prelude to what we can do in the future on a bigger scale,” he said. “We plan in our near future to have a book club. This is our way to promote reading before we get to that book club.”

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