Allie’s Place Center for Culinary Education & Employment just introduced a 3-day Barista training program where students gain real world experience at the conclusion of the course by operating a live pop-up coffee shop on site: Allie’s Coffee Spot. Throughout the course, students learn about the entire life cycle of a coffee bean, from cultivation through processing and roasting and on to the brewing process. They are introduced to latte art and leave the program with the tools to be a successful barista.

The first barista cohort, that took the course in March, spent the first two days learning espresso care and maintenance, mastering the intricacies of classic coffee beverages, and baking treats for the coffee shop. On day three, they set up and operated Allie’s Coffee Spot, gaining experience in the fast-paced coffee shop environment. Much like any cafe that may be encountered in New York City, opening time at Allie’s Coffee Spot was bustling with staff and residents alike, ordering cappuccinos, macciatos, and salted caramel lattes. While Allie’s Coffee Spot is a very effective job-training tool, it serves a dual purpose of giving back to the entire Allie’s Place community.

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