Introducing Healthy Microwave Meals Vol. 1: Fast & Affordable Family Recipes

Healthy Microwave Meals Vol. I is a cookbook developed by HFH’s Culinary Education team filled with easy, affordable, kid-friendly recipes. The project was designed to provide healthy snack and meal options for families at HFH, many of whom use the microwave as their primary cooking appliance.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve expedited the distribution of Healthy Microwave Meals Vol. 1, so that our families can explore new recipes while they are staying at home together. Healthy Microwave Meals also features plenty of options, like turkey & vegetable soup, baked apples, and vegetable curry, for celebrating National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month this June.

In addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes, Healthy Microwave Meals Vol. 1 a section on quick tips and an explanation of how the microwave, a versatile and nutritious kitchen appliance, works.

We’ve encouraged our families to try the recipes out for themselves, and will be sharing videos, photos, and testimonials of our residents making memories with their microwaves over the next several weeks.

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