Register for Classes

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the food industry and are able to commit to a short, intensive five-day training program that will provide a solid foundation in culinary techniques and application, professional kitchen safety and sanitation, and basic knife skills to prepare for a job, please express your interest in registering for our next, free co-hort. We specialize in small classes with individualized attention in both the hands-on culinary training and job placement process.

For Allie’s Place Alumni—anyone who has completed the Culinary Essentials 1 and received a Certificate of Completion—you can also register for our free, Continuing Education Courses. These workshops will offer more specialized techniques and trainings in key areas that will enhance job opportunities. For instance, workshops may be offered in Butchery, Baking, International Cuisines, or other topics.

Culinary Essentials 1

Culinary Essentials 1 is a core five-day job-training course. It provides a foundation for entry-level jobs in a variety of food industry settings such as restaurants, cafes, retail markets, healthcare, schools, catering, and more.

You will learn these skills …

  • Basic culinary techniques and applications
  • Food safety and sanitation best practices
  • Kitchen equipment identification, care, and use

Barista Basics

Barista Basics is a barista training program offering real world experience as students operate a live pop-up coffee shop on site.

You will learn:

  • Coffee cultivation, harvesting, processing, and roasting
  • Coffee grinding, dosing, tamping, and cupping
  • Pulling espresso coffee shots, steaming, frothing, and stretching milk
  • Intro to latte art
  • Classic Coffee beverages