Homes for the Homeless (HFH) is proud to spotlight our partners at Modern Rebel & Co. who transform special events into charitable occasions.

Modern Rebel founder Amy Shackelford started the company with the idea of planning weddings while also donating a cut of the profits to charity. Modern Rebel began doing so by giving to the Center Against Domestic Violence.

But the company’s mission quickly expanded when its first event was a birthday party, not a wedding. That’s how it went from “A Modern Vow” to its current iteration and began contributing to other charities—including HFH.

After a simple online search, Shackelford recognized that she had found a great partner in HFH.

“It’s super important for New York City couples to have something that connects to something we see every day: homelessness,” said Shackelford.

Customers are able to select from a list of local charities, and Modern Rebel donates five percent of its profits to their organization of choice.

HFH receives its donations from Modern Rebel on a quarterly basis and puts the money toward HFH Summer Camps. These funds make it possible for us to provide an authentic summer camp experience to nearly 600 children who have experienced homelessness. To learn more about HFH Summer Camps, you can visit our website here.

“It’s all about taking industries (like event planning) that have a lot of numbers,” Shackelford said, “and putting that money into non-profit work.”

When it comes to Modern Rebel’s mission-based model, Shackelford believes community is at the core.

We here at HFH and HFH Summer Camps couldn’t agree more.

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