Barista Basics

Barista Basics is a barista training program offering real world experience as students operate a live pop-up coffee shop on site. You will learn about the life cycle of a coffee bean, from cultivation through processing and roasting on through to the brewing process. You will be introduced to latte art and leave the program with the tools to be a successful barista anywhere!

You will learn:

Days 1 & 2: Barista Basics

  • Coffee cultivation, harvesting, processing, and roasting
  • Coffee varieties
  • Coffee grinding, dosing, tamping, and cupping
  • Coffee brewing methods
  • Pulling espresso coffee shots, steaming, frothing, and stretching milk
  • Intro to latte art
  • Espresso machine care and maintenance
  • Classic Coffee beverages

Day 3: Allie’s Coffee Spot

You will setup and operate a pop-up coffee shop so you can gain hands on experience of the fast-paced coffee shop environment. You’ll apply coffee preparation and finishing techniques to create classic coffee drinks, with a focus on food safety/ sanitation as well as customer service.

Culinary Registration

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