Allie’s Place Center for Culinary Education & Employment Named Together Hospitality NYC’s 2024 Social Impact Partner

Allie’s Place Center for Culinary Education & Employment was recently selected as the Social Impact Partner of Together Hospitality NYC (THNYC)—an organization committed to empowering individuals in the culinary world through education, resources, and networking opportunities.

The partnership was facilitated by Derrick Holman, Program Outreach Specialist at Allie’s Place, and Joel Grassi, Authority Member and part of the leadership team at THNYC, who both live in the same Bronx neighborhood as the Center. Both Derrick and Joel are actively involved in their community and have collaborated on local projects, including campaigns to construct a new skateboard park and pedestrian bridge in their neighborhood. Familiar with Derrick’s work at Allie’s Place and in the community, when THNYC was looking for its first-ever Social Impact Partner for its New York City Chapter, Joel felt that Allie’s Place was a natural fit.

As Social Impact Partner, the Culinary Team at Allie’s Place has access to a diverse network of professionals spanning various sectors of the hospitality industry, including experts in restaurant operations, legal expertise, design and construction, commercial cleaning, and more. These connections are fostered through monthly Roundtable meetings hosted at member establishments, where participants share their expertise and engage in breakout discussions, providing invaluable opportunities for collaboration and learning.

“It has been great to attend the meetings and see the many different members and establishments that are involved—a micro-brewery, a Mediterranean café. It keeps our staff engaged in various aspects of the industry, which we can pass along to the students,” said Derrick. “You don’t just have to be a chef to be in the food industry, there are so many ways to be involved. Together Hospitality gives us connections in a lot of different places and could lead to employment or other opportunities for students [at Allie’s Place Center for Culinary Education & Employment].”

So far, the Culinary Team has attended meetings held at TALEA Beer Co., Le Rock, and NAYA.

“We are hoping that the partnership with Allie’s Place and Together Hospitality will create a long-lasting relationship where restauranteurs can continually provide jobs for graduates of Allie’s [Place Center for Culinary Education & Employment], and that doors can stay open for many families to be blessed through careers in the hospitality culture of NYC,” said Joel. “We are also hoping to raise awareness to New Yorkers that Allie’s Place is playing a vital role in helping families.”

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