Homes for the Homeless operates Community Residential Resource Centers (CRRCs) within the shelter infrastructure in an effort to simultaneously serve both homeless families and the surrounding community. Our CRRCs combine the basic services of a traditional shelter with a full range of inclusive programs, such as early childhood education and after-school programming, designed to meet the diverse needs of homeless families residing in the shelter or citizens from surrounding neighborhoods. HFH ensures that a family’s future can begin as soon as they walk through the doors of a Community Residential Resource Center.

Each Center provides access to resources where resident families and surrounding community members can find classrooms, libraries, computer labs, playgrounds, and counseling centers. All of these on-site resources make the Centers a place where parents and children can learn and grow as they embark on the path to independence, regardless of their housing status. Mothers drop toddlers off at daycare on their way to work, after-school teachers greet kids as they come home from school, and families bond together at special community events. While students take educational field trips to museums and city landmarks, adults meet with employment and housing specialists who help them prepare for job interviews, learn valuable life skills, and find apartments of their own. On-site New York City Department of Education Liaisons work to ensure that children are enrolled in and attend school. Overall, residents and community members are embraced by a supportive system that encourages individuals and families to grow, achieve, and succeed.

Prospect Family Residence

Bronx, NY
Former Hospital
Est. 1986
Houses 88 Families with approximately 125 Children

Saratoga Family Residence

Queens, NY
Former Hotel
Est. 1987
Houses 255 Families with approximately 375 Children

Williamsbridge Family Residence

Bronx, NY
Former Nursing Home
Est. 2004
Houses 88 Families with approximately 125 Children

Allie’s Place Family Residence

Bronx, NY
New Building
Est. 2020
Houses 99 Families with approximately 99 Children

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