Making Magic Happen, One Person at a Time

Our Spotlight On: series takes a look at the people who keep HFH running. Today’s installment is on Wesley Negron, who brings a touch of magic to the residents at Saratoga.

Negron is a 4-to-12 safety supervisor for the Public Safety Department at Saratoga. He regularly manages 8-10 staff members on any given day, supporting his staff and resolving issues. His supervisor, Branko Yurisak, describes Negron as, “the person who pitches in when needed, a special guy, team player.”

But Negron also has a passion for magic. He met a teenager at a previous job who taught him some basic card tricks. He has been practicing ever since, initially performing for adults before catering his act to a different audience: children.

“It’s a different philosophy with the kids,” explained Negron, “with them, it’s more about the performance than the actual trick itself.”

He volunteers to do magic and make balloon animals at family nights and other events at Saratoga. “It builds a connection (with the clients) that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t do the magic,” he said, “They recognize me.” This recognition and trust strengthens his performance as Safety Supervisor.

Negron finds his job very fulfilling, providing opportunity for growth every day. Though it can be challenging at times, ultimately it comes down to respecting people. Overall, he says, “It’s been a very positive experience so far. I’ve definitely grown.”

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